White Cap Teams with Skil to Introduce Innovative New Lightweight MAG 77 LT Skilsaw

Skilsaw MAG77LT

Continuing the tradition of delivering first-to-market quality innovative products to the pro contractor, HD Supply White Cap jointly unveiled the new Skilsaw MAG77LT Worm Drive Saw (MAG77LT) during the recent World of Concrete show. Product Category Director Andy Denerson and Skil’s Gregg Mangialardi were on hand to discuss the features of this innovative new saw.  One of the most striking advantages the MAG77LT has over other models such as the SHD77M is its light weight design. The MAG77LT is 4lbs lighter than comparable models yet delivers the same power and durability.  As Gregg Mangialardi explained in the below video, for a guy on the jobsite all day with a saw in his hand, that 4lbs makes a difference.  During the World of Concrete show, scores of contractors stopped by the White Cap booth,  lifted up both saws and could immediately see what a difference it would make to them on the jobsite.


Over the past several years, as Skil talked to end users, they asked what changes or enhancements they should make, and the response they often got was “don’t change anything, don’t cheapen it, don’t take out the power, don’t take out the durability.” So they probed a little deeper asking, “If you could change one thing, what would it be?” and what they got back loud and clear from their customers was “Take the weight out”. So the team at Skil set about designing this powerful, lightweight model by using more magnesium, and implementing major design changes geared toward weight reduction.  The MAG77LT also packs important time saving features with its multi-featured wrench storage bay at the base of the saw. Users can make several adjustments such as blade replacement to the MAG77LT on the fly using a special wrench. Of the 113 field test units Skil had going on around the country prior to launch on jobsites, not one unit tester lost a wrench.

White Cap is taking pre-orders for this new saw which begins shipping in early April.



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