Introducing our NEW video series: Demos for the PROs!

Everyone knows HD Supply Construction & Industrial – White Cap has The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE Pros in Construction Supplies. And now we’re featuring that knowledge in our new web video series: Demos for the PROs!  Each episode spotlights a great product available at HD Supply White Cap branches and at, along with insights and expertise from one of our MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE associates.  Check them out!

Episode 6: Makita 18V Cordless 7-1/4” Circular Saw

Jeff Harboldt presents the first ever 18V Cordless 7-1/4” Circular Saw exclusively from Makita.

Shop>> Makita 18V Cordless 7-1/4” Circular Saw

Episode 5: Top Selling Safety Gloves

Jeff Harboldt presents a few of our top selling safety gloves.

Shop>> Safety Gloves

Episode 4: 2014 Nashville Event

Follow Jeff Harboldt around at this year’s Pro-Contactor Tour Event in Nashville, Tennessee as he presents some of our top supplier tool demos.

Episode 3: Pyramex Eyewear

Market Sales Specialist Jeff Harboldt presents new eyewear exclusively from Pyramex.

Shop>> Pyramex Eyewear

Episode 2: Werner Podium Ladder

Market Sales Specialist Jeff Harboldt introduces the Werner® Podium Ladder.

Shop>> Werner Fiberglass Podium Ladder

Episode 1: NEW Brigade Trash Bags

Market Sales Specialist Jeff Harboldt introduces the all new Brigade Trash Bags.

Shop>> Brigade Contractor Clean-Up Bags


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Congratulations to The “Nation&#39s Safest Construction Company”!

AGC Safety Award_03

Pictured (L to R): Paul R. Becker, Willis N. America Construction Practice Leader; Ben Bowzer, Manager Construction Systems, Gray; Captain Richard Phillips; Robert Moore, West Region President, Gray; Paul W. Diederich, AGC President 2013

HD Supply White Cap would like to congratulate Lexington Kentucky’s Gray Construction on being named the Grand Award Winner for Construction Safety Excellence by the Associated General Contractors of America and the Willis Construction Safety Excellence Awards.

These award winners are selected by a panel of five independent safety professionals within the government, corporate and insurance industries based on the size of the company, amount of work performed and the type of work performed.

HD Supply White Cap is committed to improving the safety of professional jobsites all over the country and we are proud to recognize the efforts of Gray construction to implement and encourage exceptional safety practices on their projects. We would also like to congratulate all of the other Safety Excellence Award winners named to this year’s list for their hard work as well. Great job, guys!

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We&#39ve gone mobile and here&#39s why!


You probably have a smartphone; most people do these days. So lately, we’ve been thinking of how our customers could use HD Supply White Cap in the way that makes the most sense: on a mobile device.

And the first thing we did was make formatted to work on your smartphone. If you’ve ever had trouble reading a website on your phone, you know it can be a frustrating experience. Well, now you can use without having to re-size all of our pages on your phone’s screen or having to type what you’re looking for into a tiny, tiny browser. But we didn’t stop there.

The next thing we did was create a mobile app that made using HD Supply White Cap even easier! We gave our mobile app:

  • an Easy Shop/Order section to get what you need from anywhere as soon as you need it
  • a Concrete Calculator to quickly calculate your most common concrete needs
  • a Locations tool to find the store closest to you wherever you are

And to top it all off, we added the revolutionary new SpeedBuild ordering system, which will make ordering your most commonly purchased items easier and more efficient than ever before!  Check it out with your account manager if you want to see the future of ordering professional construction supplies, today!

We talk to our customers all the time and we’re always looking for ways to make their jobs better. Now we’ve made it so easy  to use, you can use it on  your smartphone.  Check out our mobile site and download our app today to see how easy it is to use.  If you like our app, please take a moment to give us a good rating!  And if you don’t, let us know what we can do to make it better!


Any comments or questions?  Tell us below!

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White Cap Teams with Honeywell: Introducing Oliver Boots!

White Cap is proud to announce the addition of Oliver Boots to’s product selection! This is an online exclusive and is only available for a limited time so hurry over to and check them out!

oliver_logo_oval_4CAbout Oliver

Oliver Safety Footwear was started in the mid 1800′s by James Oliver who began making boots to perform under extreme conditions for Australian miners and farmers. Today, Oliver utilizes cutting edge technology to engineer and design boots for the toughest jobs that still deliver unmatched comfort, performance and durability. Now part of Honeywell Safety Products, Oliver Safety Footwear features a full line of safety footwear, as well as specialized protection for oil and gas, mining and heavy-metal fabrication workers. Ergonomically engineered for superior comfort, protection and style, our boots help you get the job done, every day, while remaining safe and comfortable. That’s what comes with over a century of expertise and a strong heritage of craftsmanship.



PRO CONSTRUCTION                       PVC SAFETY                               MINING





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How To Choose The Right Saw Blade

In this guest post, White Cap welcomes Ashley Hadd from Diablo Tools to offer her perspectives on how to choose the right saw blade.

Ashley Hadd, Diablo Tools

Ashley Hadd, Diablo Tools

More Cut For Your Buck


  • Have the right tool for the job
  • Ready to use material edge, with no re-work
  • “More cut for your buck”
  • Specialty material cutting solutions
  • Cut and go performance


Before you get started, ask yourself these questions:

What materials are you cutting?

Correctly identifying the type of material you are cutting is the most important factor in choosing a saw blade. It directly affects cutting performance and life of the blade.


  • For framing and concrete forming cuts, use a blade with durable carbide and tooth brazing. A demolition framing blade is the best choice for either application.
  • For rip cuts, use a saw blade with fewer teeth to reduce feed resistance; a ripping saw blade typically has 24 teeth on a 10” blade.
  • For cross cuts, use a saw blade with a higher tooth count and hi-Alternate-Top-Bevel (Hi-ATB) tooth geometry to cleanly slice the wood grain. A general purpose blade with 40 teeth will suffice, but a higher tooth count blade produces smooth miter cuts. A cross cut blade typically has 60 to 80 teeth on a 10” blade, and 80 to 100 teeth on a 12” blade. On a Hi-ATB tooth geometry saw blade, the tops of the teeth are 25 degrees or higher. For ultimate finish cross-cuts, use a saw blade with an alternate face grind – which is a bevel grind on the face of each tooth for even cleaner, faster cuts.
  • For cutting non-ferrous metals, as well as for man-made materials such as melamine and laminates, use a saw blade with a triple-chip-grind (TCG) tooth design. Use specific blades with custom blended carbide to get the longest life and best cuts in these materials.
  • Cutting composite decking and cellular PVC with traditional saw blades tends to melt and leave swirl marks on finished edges; use specialty blades with a Modified Triple Chip Tooth Grind (MTCG) tooth geometry and metal-based, non-stick blade coatings to reduce blade heat and produce melt-free cuts.
  • Abrasive man-made building materials such as fiber cement tend to burn through blades and produce large amounts of air-born dust particles. Use only a specialty saw blade with Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tipped teeth for longest life. You should also use only TCG tooth design saw blades to reduce the amount of airborne dust by up to 50%.
  • Carbide tipped saw blades specifically designed for cutting ferrous metals produce faster, cleaner cuts in mild steel materials with up to ¼” wall thickness. The teeth have Triple Chip Grind (TCG) geometry to cut through metal rather than melt through it like standard abrasive wheels. Be sure to use larger diameter ferrous metal saw blades on dedicated slow speed saws as specified on the saw blade package.

Saw Teeth

What type of saw are you using?

  • What is the real price of a saw blade?
  • Is it the initial price of the blade, or the cost per cut, that is more important?
  • A low price blade typically dulls fast, produces a cut that requires more rework time, and requires more blade changes – which are real and high costs for professional contractors.
  • Using an application specific saw blade that lasts longer and produces a ready to use edge gives you more cuts for your buck! Less rework, fewer saw blades, and fewer saw blade changes can make enough difference that the higher value saw blade pays for itself in a single work day.


Five characteristics of premium “more cut for your buck” saw blades:

  1. The carbide tips on a saw blade do the work of your power tool – which is why the carbide tips are the most important part on any saw blade. Premium saw blades are made with custom blends of carbide that resist the impact or abrasive action of cutting through specific materials. Using specialty blades with custom carbide gives you the longest cutter life and best cut quality.
  2. Hard-core, laser-cut steel blade bodies with stabilizer vents reduce chatter and noise; the blade cuts straight and true, draws less power, and produces a better quality cut.
  3. Tri-metal brazing between the carbide tips and the steel blade body includes a layer of copper that acts like a shock absorber to reduce the chance of teeth coming off the blade in hard-use applications.
  4. Metal-based coatings on the saw blade body reduce friction and resist pitch build-up; the result is less heat build-up and less pitch build-up. Because the coating is metal-based, it lasts longer than paint.
  5. Specialty tooth geometries designed for cutting specific materials produce the best cuts and longest cutting life.


Looking for these five characteristics and application specific designs on each of your saw blade selections will help you reduce rework, gain longer cutter life, enhance the performance of your power tools, and give you more cuts for your buck on each saw blade purchase.

White Cap Construction Supply stocks a wide variety of Diablo saw blades for framing, specialty material cutting and fine finish applications. We also carry saw blades branded by Irwin Tools. Stop by our web site to check out our wide assortment of saw blades or visit one of our stores. Our product experts will be happy to guide you to the right saw blade for your particular application.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you still have questions, feel free to contact a White Cap product specialist by calling 800-944-8322 or by visiting one of our locations


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Contractor Help: White Cap Expertise Solves Concrete Drying Problem

Jamie Clippinger - Waterproofing SpecialistSometimes the best made plans go awry. That’s when Jamie Clippinger’s product knowledge and experience really becomes a valuable resource for his customers. Ask the contractor who was using the Westcoat waterproofing materials for wooden decks. As Jamie explains, “The process includes a concrete bag product mixed with an acrylic additive, and can be finished off and sealed with a high-quality concrete paint. My customer who had purchased the system came back to the store in a panic because his concrete was taking a long time to dry. Turns out he had accidentally mixed the paint with his concrete instead of the acrylic additive – no wonder it wasn’t drying!” Scooping it all up and starting all over was not an option.

Jamie quickly did some product research and came up with the solution. By brooming the acrylic additive into the concrete, the contractor was able to avert a potential disaster. As Jamie says, “It’s a wonderful White Cap day when we learn something new to help our customers.”

White Cap employs The Most Knowledgeable Pros in construction supply. At White Cap you’ll find great employees. When we asked our customers what the most important decision in choosing their construction supply company was, they overwhelmingly said “knowledgeable employees”!

Has a White Cap associate helped you solve a problem or challenge? We’d like to hear about it. Please post a comment and tell us about it, and stop by your local White Cap branch today or call 800-944-8322 for friendly, knowledgeable help.

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Win a New MAG77LT SKIL Saw

White Cap will be giving away one of the hottest new SKIL® SAW products at the end of April – the new ultralight MAG77LT Worm Drive SKIL® SAW.  All you have to do is post a photo, or video, 30 seconds or less of yourself using a SKIL® product to our Facebook page HDSupplyWhiteCap by April 30th.  In early May we will pick a random winner and hand over the saw.


Post your photo or video to Facebook

Official Rules


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Meet Paul Jr. at White Cap Grand Opening in Norcross, GA


White Cap Construction Supply is celebrating our Norcross, Georgia Grand Opening on  April 24th, 10 A.M. – 4 P.M.

Meet Paul Jr. as he unveils his latest build – the new “White Cap / SKILSAW® Motorcycle

WIN a GRAND PRIZE Worth Over $2500!

Come and help us celebrate in grand style with:


Come and see the new MAG77LT SKIL WORM DRIVE SAW and MANY MORE great products.

RSVP to be entered into the drawing for amazing prizes. Check out our Events Video!

Download Event Flyer


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Women in Construction

March 3-9 was national Women in Construction week.  As the name implies, it is a week to celebrate and promote the growth of women in the construction industry, currently around 9% of construction workers are Women.

In 2009, congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The $831 billion federal stimulus bill included $27.5 billion for transportation to fund the rebuilding of America’s roads and bridges. This reinvestment in infrastructure, coupled with a rebounding economy has bolstered construction projects all over the country, and created opportunities and career paths for many Women in the construction industry.

Women are gravitating toward jobs in construction because they are generally higher paying and offer longer term stability and opportunities for advancement.
Cindy Dow, Erosion Control Specialist
White Cap Construction Supply, as well as many other companies and organizations across the country count women as a strong and vital component of our workforce. We are very fortunate to have high numbers of Women in our ranks, many of them performing specialist roles.  Cindy Dow, is an Erosion Control Specialist who has been with White Cap for 9 years. She is certified by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) and holds a Red Card (1B Certified Inspector) with the ability to inspect land disturbance areas for compliance with state erosion and sedimentation laws.

Nicole FabritoNicole Faborito has been with White Cap for just over 5 years and is well-versed in every aspect of our branch operations. Nicole is also an expert in Simpson Strong-Tie hardware. Because the continuous load path transfer system has become an industry standard, Nicole has been instrumental in the submittals for large orders of Simpson’s structural connectors. Contractors benefit from Nicole’s knowledge of Simpson Strong-Tie products.

The construction industry offers many opportunities for women to become welders, laborers, heavy equipment operators, engineers, foremen, managers, and many other professions.

Even though National Women in Construction week just ended, all of March is Women’s History Month, celebrating the achievements of Women in every industry.  Are you a Woman working in the construction industry? We would love to hear your story, how you got involved in the industry, post a comment to this article and tell us what you do, and anything else you would like us to know about being a Woman working in contruction.

Be sure to watch this great video from Go Build Alabama showcasing some of the skilled women that have already taken the construction industry in Alabama by the horns.

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White Cap and Multiplaz Join Forces On Revolutionary New Welding & Cutting System


Multiplaz 3500 System

Multiplaz CEO Patricia Hansen and White Cap’s Director of Tools and Accessories, Andrew Denerson, sat down with Andrew Mann during the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas to discuss the features of the revolutionary Multiplaz 3500 welding and cutting system.

What makes the Multiplaz 3500 system unique is the patented technology it uses to cut and weld by use of a water-alcohol solution instead of shielding gas. Multiplaz is the only company worldwide that holds a patent on the technique of welding with a water-alcohol mixture, and the only company that has perfected the process in a commercial product. As Multiplaz CEO Patricia Hansen explained, the Multiplaz 3500 makes it extremely convenient for contractors who need to cut or weld in confined spaces, outdoors or indoors, and who might not have access to standard welding equipment. Check out the video below for more information on how this amazing product works.

Space Age Innovations Delivered to Construction Job Sites

Svetlana Savitskaya

Svetlana Savitskaya

The origins of electric welding came out of the Russian space program. Electrical welding was first performed in space by Svetlana Savitskaya and Vladimir Dzhanibekov in 1982 during the Soyuz T-5 mission to the Salyut-7 space station. They spent 3.5 hours in space cutting and welding pieces of metal. As Patricia Hansen explained during World of Concrete, the Russian space program had a very dynamic physicist working for them named Boris Paton who helped to develop the system.

But the technology took a quantum leap into the commercial fore when Multiplaz developed the 3500. It can weld, solder, braze, harden, and cleanse metals including steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, bronze and other metals. It utilizes tap water for heating materials by turning the water into plasma 14400°F (8000°C).

White Cap is extremely happy to be partnering with Multiplaz distributing state-of-the-art technology to the professional contractor market. Visit our online store to take a closer look at the Multiplaz 3500 or contact your nearest White Cap Construction Supply location to speak with one of our product specialists.

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